Time With TAB

The TAB of the Goddard Public Library proudly presents our new podcast: Time With TAB! Join us as the Teen Advisory Board talks through anything from current events to book recommendations. Feel free to take part in our YA challenge of the year, which can also be found on this website, or just listen in!

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Wednesday Apr 27, 2022

Join Goddard Library's TAB as we discuss country music, the Unwanted Series, April Fool's pranks, otters, and tennis. 

Tuesday Mar 15, 2022

Join TAB as we discuss rock music, The Amulet Series, Women's History Month, bears, and spring sports.   Starring: Maricella, Haleigh, Ethan, Kara, Maggie, and Adam. Hosted by Hannah M.    

Sunday Mar 13, 2022

Welcome to Goddard Public Library's teen podcast, Time With TAB! Join us to discuss anything from current events to our book pick of the month. In this episode, join our Teen Advisory Board as we talk through music, Percy Jackson, Valentine's Day, frogs, and the many sports seasons happening in the month of February.    Starring: Adam V., Haleigh A., Mari M., Ethan S., and Pashance B. Hosted by Hannah M. 


Time With TAB

As the Teen Advisory Board to the Goddard Public Library, we have got all sorts of ways to help out. Whether you need recommendations, or a fun event to attend, TAB is more than happy to help out when needed. Join us as we start the newest part of our outreach-- a podcast all about our favorite things.


During Time With TAB, we'll recommend our favorite books, introduce some of our reading challenges, and explain the many events that are yet to come. Feel free to give us a listen!

Have a favorite Book?

Tell us what books you like! We are taking recommendations to put inside books. That way, when someone is perusing our library, they can have a bookmark-sized review of a given book.

So whether you just read a new title or have an old favorite, help out other readers.



YA Reading Challenge 2022

TAB also has a variety of books to read for this year's YA reading challenge! Don't forget to read everything on the list.

Once you're done, make sure to vote on your top pick!

The challenge for reading is until May 15th, 2022, but you can still vote for your favorite until the 30th!

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